Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday's Technique

Basic Chipboard Covering

Supplies: Chipboard, Sanding Block or Sand Paper, White Glue, Paint Brush (usable with glue), Pencil, Hobby Blade, Cutting Mat, and Scissors.

  • Start by flipping the paper over and trace the desired chipboard piece backwards.
  • After tracing around the chipboard, start to cut it out. If your piece has any center cutouts, cut those out first with the hobby blade. Finish by cutting around the traced image.
  • You now have a cut-out paper duplicate of your chipboard piece. Note that the cut out piece is slightly bigger than the chipboard.
  • Apply glue to the chipboard using the paintbrush to smooth it out.
  • Adhere the chipboard to the paper - let it dry.
  • Sand along the edges to give it that finished, distressed look. Nail files of about 100 grit work great for getting into the corners.
  • Embellish and add to your scrapbook page or card.

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