Friday, May 16, 2008

Sorry for being away again...

Life has had a bit of an upheaval here... our campaign is finished at work, so I'm finally on a "normal" schedule again!!! However, although not being on rotating shifts thru the summer is WONDERFUL... it cuts down on my "me" time a bit.

I'm taking a few more classes over at Big Picture Scrapbooking that have been challanging me to take interesting photos (I'll post some next week) and have been part of a couple of cutter file swaps. I can share with you the file I made for the Moms & Grads swap last month.


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Alicia P. said...

Please remember that I am running the new updated version of Robomaster. It came with my silhouette... if you need this file for an older version... please download the DXF file and load it into your Robomaster program and save it as a GSD.

Alicia P.